Project Management and Risk Management


This course is intended for business management, IT, engineering and production professionals, who need to acquire a working knowledge and skill in risk management understanding, managing and/or developing and executing and controlling technical and non-technical projects. Their participation through an action-learning methodology will facilitate an immediate transfer of such competency to workplace.

The course content focuses on how to risk-manage such projects within the client's contexts. Additionally, the course is tailored to match the organizational level and expertise of staff participating. This course will be particularly useful for developing project management specialists within the organization who would anticipate and identify potential project problems and issues, rank the risks, brainstorm for possible risk responses, study impact of risks to schedule/cost/quality/scope (and using computerized Monte Carlo Simulation – sensitivity analysis and tornado charting), evaluate risk response feasibilities, and track/control risk response implementations.

This course is compliant to Project Management Institute PMBOK2000, and is carefully designed to provide the best mix of experience, theory and practice in an adult learning environment. Formal presentations are used mainly to introduce key concepts and significant elements of risk management. Emphasis is on practical applications through “hands on” action learning. This will require a high level of participation and team involvement. Maximum opportunities will be given to participants to inject their own examples and issues into the course and continually relate the material to their own contexts.

Participants are encouraged to bring their projects to the session. Project Risk Management checklists, templates, and Risk Management add-on trial software (Palisade @Risk4.1) for MS Project will be provided to help users in planning and controlling projects. Ample case studies, examples and interactive individual/group exercises are provided.

Research and Insights


  • To instill the habit of anticipation with regard to identifying possible project problems, opportunities, and their project contingencies and project risks
  • To understand and use techniques like Brainstorming of ideas, Affinity Technique, Cause-Effect (Ishikawa or Fishbone Diagram), Why-Why, Decision Trees, and Monte Carlo Simulation
  • To understand Project Systems Thinking concepts, which help to holistically visualize cause-effects within systems
  • To understand the use of Project Management tools for the timeliness, cost impacts and resolutions, quality issues and scope of projects
  • To produce a Risk Management Plan which itemizes and assesses the risks, risk triggers, risk responses, and response implementations toward the risks


Presentation, case studies, individual and group exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life projects to the workshop.

Who Can Benefit

Managers, executives, engineers, and technicians, who are directly or indirectly involved in risk management of projects.

Content for 4-day Course

Course content timings are approximate

The sessions will normally start at 9.00 am and end at 5.00 pm, or at client’s timing preference; with two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour lunch.

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