ISD Certification Programme


Instructional Systems Design (ISD) is the broad term that covers all aspects of the design and development of training. There are many discrete parts to ISD, each of which requires a different, but complementary set of skills in order for a practitioner to be considered competent in the field of ISD.

Are there practitioners that have a complete set of competencies in ISD? I doubt it, because the field is so vast. Do corporate practitioners need all the skills? No, probably not. They need the ones that will enable them to meet the human resource development needs of their organization, and that won’t be all of the potential ISD areas, just selected areas appropriate to the role that they occupy. In larger organizations, training personnel are allocated to specific areas of ISD. However, in smaller organizations where there might be only one trainer, he or she will need an overview of all the areas of ISD. They may not be ‘gurus’ in the full range of skills, but they will at least be able to follow specific models to produce training initiatives of an acceptable standard.

For organizations that have an HRD department, the organization must be able to select those areas that apply to their trainers’ needs, to do more would not be cost effective. The BH ISD Series allows clients to select competency areas that apply to their needs.

The modules that comprise the total range of ISD are listed below and briefs for each area are provided in a separate file.

  • Competency Profiling
  • Needs Assessment and Analysis
  • Writing Training Objectives and Preparing Tests
  • Developing Course Materials
  • Planning and Delivering Instruction
  • Training Evaluation
  • Designing Web Based Training
  • Marketing Training and Development
  • Training Management
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