Management Planning (Middle Management)

When your organization goes through an extensive Strategic Planning process in order to determine its future direction, the next stage of the strategic management process is to ensure that all Business Units within the organization have their missions, goals, objectives and action plans aligned with the organizational mission, strategic goals, objectives and action plans and overall strategy.

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All managers in the organization.


This 5-day programme is specifically designed to help managers take the organization's strategy, strategic goals and objectives, and ‘translate’ them into goals and objectives that are applicable to each managerial level in the hierarchy (Goal Cascading). Once managers have done this, they are then shown how to turn these into action plans and schedule the plans for specified periods.


There are 12 modules in this programme. They are:

  • Introductory Module: Overview of CBM and corporate strategy formulation
  • Module 1: Describe the Achievement Thought Process
  • Module 2: Write Business Unit/ Individual Manager Goals
  • Module 3: Recognize Key Result Areas
  • Module 4: Complete Key Result Area Records
  • Module 5: Specify Performance Indicators
  • Module 6: Recognize Operational Objectives
  • Module 7: Write Operational Objectives
  • Module 8: Produce Operational Action Plans
  • Module 9: Describe Coordination Concerns
  • Module 10: Schedule the Operational Action Plan
  • Module 11: Negotiate Operational Action Plans

Learner Centered Approach

In traditional programmes, there is a focus on the trainer imparting their knowledge and skill to the participant, which usually means that most of the time is spent in the participant listening to a lecture. This is termed as a Trainer Centered Approach.

This programme reverses the role. The onus is on the participant to learn, using whatever resources are available. The Workshop Managers are one of these resources. The materials are comprehensive, but in some cases additional resources are provided. The Workshop Manager will give introductory learning sessions as micro-lectures, but these are only to set the scene for the participants to do their learning. The Workshop Manager will be there to provide guidance and to ensure that the participants don’t ‘get lost’ in the process, but for the most part they will only provide input when needed. They are there to monitor progress and manage the participants’ learning.

For further details and pricing of the MP Programme please contact your local BH office.

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