Corporate Strategic Planning (Top and Senior Management)

Strategic Planning is the foundation for any organization that wants to ensure a successful future – or any future. All too often organizations pay cursory attention to the need for planning claiming that they haven’t got enough time to plan. We believe that an organization that doesn’t plan for its future won’t have a future and so we advise our clients to spend as much time as they can, as often as they can, on planning.

Depending on the size of the organization the degree and extent of the Corporate Strategic Planning will vary. For multi-faceted organizations that have many independent businesses reporting to a corporate head office, then strategic planning may occur at Corporate and Business Unit levels. Each will have a particular focus. Corporate level will be asking “What business or businesses should we be in?” Each Business Unit will be asking, “How should we compete in our business?”.

Strategic planning needs extensive data collection if it is to be successful. An organization needs to know what is happening in its business, political, economic and social environment. It needs to know about its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It needs to understand what culture it has and whether that culture fits the environment in which it is operating. It also needs to have a clear idea
of the values under which it wants its people to operate, who its stakeholders are and how the organization is going to interact with those stakeholders. All this before it starts to go through the
formal planning process.

We adopt the same approach to assisting our clients understand the process of strategic planning by assisting, rather than by doing, the planning. We believe that an organization’s plan should be done by them not by us. If we do it, they don’t own it. A model of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Implementation that we follow is shown Click here

To have more information on our approach to facilitating an organization’s strategic planning process Click here

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