Strategic Leadership and Management Training and Development


The key to the success of an organization is the quality of its leaders and the management team. A manager needs to develop a wider business perspective in order to progress within an organization. A leader needs to be more ‘strategically aware’ in order to manage both the ‘big picture’ and the day-to-day demands of their business unit or the business itself. This series of programmes allows a manager to develop him or herself through from frontline manager to chief executive.

Our Services

  1. Developing the Strategic Manager
  2. Managing Your Own Performance
  3. Working as a Team to Achieve Effective Performance
  4. Leadership, Innovation and Change
  5. Developing Team Member Capabilities and Competencies
  6. Executive Coaching for Senior Managers
  7. Executive Leadership Programme
  8. Establishing and Implementing a Mentoring System
  9. Establishing an Organizational Coaching System
  10. Executive Leadership Programme
  11. Executive Coaching for Senior Managers
  12. Establishing Mentoring Systems
  13. Establishing Management and Coaching Systems
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