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A recent McKinsey survey (2006) suggested that only 6% of change management projects were completed successfully with a further 32% ‘mostly successful’. Not a particularly good record and an indication that most managers lack the skills, knowledge and attitudes to undertake such change projects.

In an attempt to rectify some of the errors made by managers, and to give them the competencies that they need to successfully accomplish the change process, BH has designed a programme that institutionalizes the concept of change within an organization and then ensures successful implementation. Based on the model by Green, BH uses a six step model to ensure that the mindsets of those involved are correct, that the culture is compatible and accepting of change and that the leadership at all levels is capable to make the change successful.

Change is determined or driven by a need to change the strategy of the organization. It is the corporate response to the identification of a new strategy. Strategy is the output of strategic planning, and therefore, the initiatives that are undertaken under the banner “Change Management” are an extension of the strategic planning process.

The model of change that we use is based on that identified by Prof Dennis Turner. The model, shown below, has five capabilities to focus on:

  1. Engagement – Getting the people throughout the organization informed, involved, committed and motivated to act to achieve the organization's purpose and future directions.
  2. Development – Developing all the resources – personal, physical, technological and systems – to achieve the organization's future directions.
  3. Performance Management – Proactively managing the factors that drive the organization’s performance to ensure it consistently and effectively achieves what is intended.
  4. Biztech – Commanding and understanding technologies, processes and mechanisms through which the organization produces and delivers its products and services to its markets.
  5. Marketing and Selling – Understanding the firm’s markets and how external events affect them, identifying customer’s needs and selling its goods or services effectively in them.


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