The BHC Skills Centered Selling Programme

Barker Hoffmann Consulting wants your sales strategy to work by having your organization and its products and services stand out from its competition and by transforming your sales organization through the successful conversion of your sales processes into sales results.

How is this possible?

You could achieve this improvement in your sales results by participating in a 2-Day competency-based Selling Master Class that addresses the skills needed in a complex sale. The model taught to participants has been acknowledged as one of the most effective that addresses the needs of those involved in making complex sales. The workshop will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati on October 11 and 12, 2012. The workshop is entitled:

The BHC Skills Centered Selling Programme

What's in it for them and your organization?

The 2-Day programme will give your sales people the skills to:

  • Use effective verbal behaviours needed to influence the success of an interaction where the purpose is to sell your company’s products and services.
  • Identify where in the buying cycle they are and what behaviours to use that match the customer’s psychology.
  • Identify customer Problems and Needs that can be satisfied by the products and services that you offer.
  • Deliver Benefit Statements that match the customer’s Needs
  • Plan for a customer or prospect meeting either as an individual or a member of a group when negotiating business with a customer’s or prospect‘s representative.

What will they learn?

They will be able to:

  • Identify their current selling style behaviours
  • Identify problem and need statements made by their clients
  • Uncover and develop client problems by establishing consequences
  • Create or affirm the need for your organization’s products and services in the mind of the client
  • Develop the customer’s perception of the value for using your product or service
  • Match your organization’s product and services to the client’s needs and wants
  • Deal with and manage a client’s resistance to the products and services you offer
  • Handle objections to the product and services you are offering

Who is the resource person?

Alan Barker

The Chairman and Managing Director of Barker Hoffmann Consulting Ltd. Previously Alan was with Ernst & Young as Director of Training for Australia. See the link to his CV. Click here.

Why Barker Hoffmann Consulting?
  1. WE QUANTIFY YOUR NEEDED RESULTS! Business leaders need business results—quickly, quantified and preferably in sales turnover. Every Barker Hoffmann sales performance initiative, including attendance of your salespeople in our public programmes, gives you an opportunity for a Return on Investment calculation. Before each initiative, in conjunction with the sponsor organization, we measure baseline business performance, and individual competency level. After the initiative, we are able to measure all possible performance indicators and business metrics that have been improved as a result of sales training.

  2. WE BRING THE INDUSTRY EXPERTS TO YOU! Excellent sales people emerge from excellent mentors and coaches. Barker Hoffmann provides sales organizations the trainers and consultants who have been sales leaders themselves. Our cadre of consultants have driven challenging sales goals, and found innovative solutions for the problems that their organizations faced. They are your colleagues, fellows, and act as executive coaches of sales heads in leading organizations today. They bring their knowledge and experience to your organization to mentor your salespeople and provide quality advice to your sales leaders. Our consultants remain as long-term counselors and advisors to our clients.

  3. WE IMPLEMENT A PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FRAMEWORK! The Barker Hoffmann Suite of Selling Skills Programmes are based on ongoing research on winning sales organizations across the globe. The original research began in 1983, and has been ongoing since then. Key findings of the research are:
    • There is a proven set of knowledge, skills, and interpersonal competencies that make effective sales people. Every individual can be assessed on their current level of competency, and can be trained to demonstrate these competencies to an exemplary level though consistent practice and reinforcement.
    • There is a consistent prospecting, selling, and account management cycle that occurs within the life cycle of an account. Buyers demonstrate specific behaviours at each stage of the cycle. When salespeople demonstrate behaviours that match the psychology of the buyer, it increases the rate of success.
    • Improvement of the competencies of salespeople can only be achieved through a learning organization. Research indicates that immediately after training, without reinforcement, knowledge and skill decrease exponentially. Critical to the development approach is ongoing coaching by sales managers, self-paced learning materials, and performance-based tasks that make training continuous.
    • Effective sales training produces a high return on investment. Returns on skills and knowledge improvement can be measured as early as 1 week after the programme, improvement of personal performance within 1 month, improvement of the Sales Business Unit Performance within 3 months, and improvement of the organization, in terms of increased revenue generation, margins, and market share, as early as 6 months.

Our sales training and consulting solutions have been developed as a result of this research. They ensure that the development of your sales team and sales organization follows a proven scientific, structured, and model-based approach that delivers results.

Barker Hoffmann is bringing this 2-Day workshop to the Philippines from London and offering it to you for an investment of PHP24,000. However, you can avail of a discounted rate of PHP20,000 if you confirm with us on or before September 21, 2012. Please call 856-64-68 and look for Edward Roy Abella for details.

Venue will be at the Bel-Air & North Forbes Function Room located at the 2nd floor of Intercontinental Hotel, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. (Beside SM Makati and in front of Glorietta 4 Shopping Mall)