About Barker Hoffmann

Barker Hoffmann is a worldwide management consulting, training and research network. We are a multi-faceted management consultancy, which is represented in 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The network has been built up since 1983 with the original regional office being established in Auckland New Zealand. Each member of the network is an independent national consultancy, which has been invited by Barker Hoffmann to join the network because of its knowledge of, and experience in, its own country. Consultancies that have established reputations for quality service are invited by Barker Hoffmann to be members of the network.


Barker Hoffmann is a regionally strong management and training consultancy with presence in the Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam that also works in East Malaysia (Sabah, Brunei, Labuan and Sarawak), Taiwan, Cambodia, China and Myanmar. The main office is based in Makati and serves as a hub for the region. Barker Hoffmann serves both the public and private sectors and seen as one of the major management and training consultancies in the country and the region.

Mission Statement

Barker Hoffmann provides quality, customer-oriented management consulting and training services to the public and private sectors of the Philippines and nearby countries. The company focuses on ensuring the efficient and effective operation of its client — Making Your Strategy Work —through the consulting and training services that it offers.


Making Your Strategy Work
states our intention:

To help organizations achieve their visions — their future—by assisting and advising them in areas where we have special expertise.

We have the capacity and expertise to help organisations in the public and private sectors through consulting initiatives in a number of areas. We prefer to have lasting relationships with our clients where there is a level of mutual understanding and trust that develops over time.

Since our establishment in 1983, our work has covered both the public and private sectors where we have undertaken extensive consulting assignments within the New Zealand and Australian Governments and then from 1994, as the national adviser to Pacific Island Governments under bilateral aid agreements. Our client list includes multi-national corporations where we have undertaken both short and long-term assignments in a number of consulting and training fields.

As a service to our clients we provide free Research Papers and Reports that we feel may help them to improve their organisational functioning.

We provide a facility for our existing clients to contact us for advice using the web. In addition, we use the web as an e-learning vehicle to support our programmes. Clients who undertake specific programmes are given access, through this website, to support materials and reinforcement initiatives.

Our Relationship with Our Clients is built on Trust, Integrity, and Professionalism.

As a partner, we are:


Our world-wide network and depth of experience provide us with proven management strategies. We tap local and international experts within the Barker Hoffmann network to effectively develop and deliver responsive and innovative programs and services for our clients.


Whilst we benchmark with international best practice, we focus on the needs of the clients and customize the interventions and strategies to fit the client’s conditions and culture. We make sure our solutions fit hand-in-glove with the client’s overall business goals and strategies by providing value-adding and innovative solutions.


The breadth and scope of our programs and services allow us to design integrated people and organizational development strategies. Thus, we are able to develop both competency-based programs for people at various levels, and long-term development plans for organizations.


As a learning organization, we undertake continuing research with Barker Hoffmann member firms worldwide. The research outputs provide us with benchmarks to continually upgrade our programs and initiatives and to develop new technologies for our clients.

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